I am blessed that God has grafted me into an amazing group of people who all have hearts that long for Him to flow through them always, in all circumstances.  Last night at Bible study, one of the topics we discussed was promises.  Several of us have prophetic promises that have not yet come to fruition in our lives.  We are doing what we believe God has said to do, and just as important, we are not doing what God has not told us to do; being guided by Him in everything the best we know how.  That has led us into times of great stretching and growth.  To hold onto your promises even when the circumstances are telling you otherwise, takes a determination that I, for one, did not know that I possessed.  But having others in our lives that are going through the same journey at the same time is immensely encouraging.  We pray for each other, build each other up, cheer each other on, and share each others’ victories.  And, when needed, we unite our shields of faith over each other whenever anyone is too weary to hold up their own.

            This morning God brought back to my mind something that I wrote about promises a few years ago.  I pulled it out and dusted it off, and was glad to be reminded.  I hope that it encourages you in your journey toward your promises.


             My daughter won a CD from the local Christian radio station the other day.  A new one that had just been released.  She was so excited!  She ran to the kitchen where I was and yelled, “I won!  I knew the answer and I won!  I got that new CD, the one I’ve been wanting!”  Then she hugged me and did a happy dance and ran back to her room to call her best friend with the news.

            Over the next few days, she told everyone she saw that she had that new CD.  And every day she waited expectantly for the mail truck until the day it finally arrived.  Interesting, I thought.  Even before she “got” it she was telling everyone that she “had” it.  The DJ on the radio said she won and promised they would mail it to her.  She believed it was hers and waited expectantly for it to arrive.  When it didn’t show up that same day, did she say, “Well, I guess it’s really not for me.  Oh well, I would have liked to have had that.”  No.  She continued to tell everyone that CD was hers and did her happy dance every time she thought about it.

            Could that be faith?  Is that the “assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”?  Is it really that simple?

            What would happen if we really believed that we had everything the Bible said was ours?  Would we think differently?  Would we talk differently?  Would we act differently?  My guess is, it would change some of our lives dramatically.  So, I have decided that I’m going to take ownership of the promises that have been given to me.  I’m going to thank God every day that they are mine.  I’m going to declare the Word of God over my circumstances.  I’m not going to give up on them, but wait expectantly until they become reality in my life.  And you never know, I may just start doing my own happy dance!