Old Dogs, New Tricks, and Other Urban Legends

In my internet browsing recently I have been drawn to several blogs about families’ adventures in homesteading.  I just love the way they are returning to the land and learning about organic gardening, animal husbandry, and traditional foods.  One of my favorites is Katie Riddle’s blog, Riddlelove.  I am living vicariously through them all for sure.  Every time I read one, my heart aches to have my very own piece of land where anything is possible and everything is allowed.

As I was reading the other day, a very disturbing thing happened.  From the deep, dark, recesses of my mind came this ugly, mean, nasty voice.  It said things like, “Don’t you think you’re a little too old for that kind of thing?”.  And, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, ya know”.  After listening to that voice for a few minutes I got really sad.  Maybe that voice was right, maybe I was too old.  Maybe a single woman doesn’t have any business living out in the country.  Blah blah blah blah blah.  I almost started crying over all the reasons this deep, heart-felt desire of mine was a bad idea.

Then I started getting mad.  How dare that ugly voice try to steal my dream!  Just who did that voice belong to anyway?  I don’t believe I’m too old!  I’m not even 50 yet!  And this old mature dog can learn just as many new tricks as she wants to, thank you very much.

Here’s what I learned through this:

1.  The Bible warns us that the devil is here to steal, kill, and destroy.  That includes our dreams and passions,

2.  It’s important that you feed your dream and keep it in front of you, and

3.  It’s really important that you guard your dream and don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

So, next time you begin to hear that nasty voice trying to talk you out of your dream go get your pointy toed shoes on and kick some devil hinny!  And dream on, Baby, dream on!

7 thoughts on “Old Dogs, New Tricks, and Other Urban Legends

  1. You are never too old. I’m 65 this year and have been living my dream for 10 years. My husband helped in the beginning, but he was disabled so mostly I have done it on my own with help from my sons now and then. Hold onto your dream and do what you can to learn the basics now before moving to the country. Learn how to make soap, cheese, yogurt. Learn to knit, crochet or any other kind of needlework. Just hang onto that dream and never let anyone tell you can’t do it. Good luck. Love your blog.

    • Thanks Jenny for the encouragement! I am well on my way on some of the skills you’ve mentioned, and just beginning with others. Thanks for your kind words about the blog.

  2. i want a little farm too!!! i have just rleeizad that i spend most of time wishing time away .. wishing we could just move 6 months out or a year or 4 years . what about today!?!? i get so hurried in making my future plans waiting for things to happen.so, bless you and your bravery for living in the moment! baby steps! one day at a time. the universe will carry you. happy tuesday

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