Sourdough 101: Part 3

So, we are at feeding number 4.  When I got to the kitchen this morning, this is what my little bubbly starter looked like.

Before feeding number 4.

Lots of bubbles and lots of hooch.  So I stirred it down, removed half, added water and flour and stirred.  Scraped down the sides, put the frilly bonnet back on and marked it.  I’ve decided that since all the pictures of after the feedings look the same I’m not going to post those any more.  Because I wouldn’t want anyone to get tired looking at all the pictures!

Moving on to feeding number 5.  Here’s what it looked like before tonight’s feeding.

Before feeding number 5.

Not a great picture, but you can see the hooch.  If you try real hard you can see the bubbles.  See them now?

Yeah!  Only 9 more to go!  And just so that you don’t lose interest, I thought I’d post a picture of dinner.  Sourdough waffles!  Don’t make that face, they were good.  Not sour.  Really.  The kids love em!

Sourdough Waffles

Just look at all that syrupy, yummy, waffliciousness!  This is a super easy and fast recipe that I’ll be sharing with you when the starter is ready to use.  By the end of tomorrow, we’ll be half way there.