Sourdough 101: Part 4

Well, welcome back.  It’s that time again.  Time to feed the starter.  Again.  This is what my bubbling friend looked like this morning. 

Before feeding number 6.

Not much hooch this time, but quite a few bubbles.  Yeah!  Seems like we are spending a lot of time together and becoming quite close.  Perhaps I should name it.  Something old worldy.  Like Beowulf.  What do you think?

Now tonight, feeding number 7.

Before feeding number 7.

As you can see, Beowulf is doing quite well.  Hardly any hooch this time, but quite a bit of bubbly action with bigger bubbles.  Wait, maybe I should name it Bubbles.  Then, when I’m stirring I can sing, “Go Bub-bles, go Bub-bles…”  Or not.  I think maybe I should stick with Beowulf. 

Ok, I have a confession:  Do you see how full the jar is?  This morning, I forgot to take out half before I started adding stuff in.  Note to self: I need to make sure to have my caffeine before I play with the starter So, I just added twice as much water and flour as I would have if I had remembered to take out half first.  Did that make sense to anybody?  Then tonight I took out more than half of what was in there to get back to the same(ish) amount that I’ve been having when I didn’t forget to take out half first.  Whew!  I’m so glad I was able to clear that up!

And just so you stay with me here, I thought I’d show y’all the sourdough biscuits I made to go with supper tonight.

Sourdough Biscuits

Don’t they look yummy?  They are great plain, and even better with some home-made blackberry jelly!  Or syrup.  Or honey.  They are really light and tender, great for breakfast or dinner.  Or any other time, come to think of it.  I may need to have one before bed with a nice cup of tea. 

We are half-way to being able to use the starter!  Great job for sticking with me this far!  Now, if you will excuse me, I think I’ll go have a biscuit.

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