Sourdough 101: Part 5

Are you ready for feeding number 8?  This morning I made sure that I had my cup of tea along with a left over biscuit from last night (reheated of course, with butter and blackberry jelly) before I started to play with the starter.  Things went much more smoothly.  Here is Beowulf before I fed him this morning.  Beowulf just makes me giggle!

Before feeding number 8.

Not only were there nice bubbles this morning, but there was a little bit of rising going on.  Not a lot, but enough to let me know that the yeast population is growing.  Remember, your starter may be ahead of mine, or even a little behind.  That’s ok.  As long as you’re seeing bubbles forming in the jar between feedings, that means the yeasts are feeding and multiplying and doing their thing.

And now, after a long day of making bubbles, feeding number 9.

Before feeding number 9.

As you can see, Beowulf has been busy today.  The yeasts are beginning to rise a little bit every time he’s fed now.   In a few more days, the jar will be about 2/3 full after feedings.  We’re almost there, stay with me now.

I was out most of the day today, so I didn’t have a chance to bake anything.  That always makes for a sad day at my house.  But tomorrow I’m home all day and I’ll be busy getting flour all over the floor and cabinet tops!  When I’m finished having all that fun, I hope to have something yummy to show you!