Sourdough 101: Part 6

Hello again all.  I’m so glad you’re still with me!  I was so pleased with Beowulf this morning that I almost forgot to have my caffine before I started playing with the starter!  After both feedings yesterday, I knew that there had been some expansion, but couldn’t really tell how much.  Add because I stopped taking pictures of what he looked like after the feedings, there was no way for you to see it.  I got really clever last night, though!  After I fed him last night I used a dry erase marker to mark the level of starter in the jar.  Just look at what greeted me this morning!

Before feeding number 10.

Ok, so maybe I get excited too easily.  But I think it’s pretty cool.  I marked the jar again after this feeding.  We’ll see what happens today.  Ideally, there should be more rising after each feeding.

Oh, and by the way, when we started this little adventure my part of the country was having blizzards and it was really, really, cold.  So my kitchen was really, really, cold.  This week we have been having record high temperatures.  Gotta love Oklahoma weather!  So I have been just using cold water out of the tap instead of warm.  Like I said when we started, I have used both warm and cold before, without seeing any difference.  Also, remember that I am using clean jars every other feeding so that I can get some semi-decent pictures for you.  I would normally not be doing that, so if your jar is looking kinda messy and you wonder why mine doesn’t look the same, that’s why.  Of course, you may not be a messy person and your jar my look much better than mine does!

Can’t wait to see what Beowulf looks like this evening!

Well, here he is.  Isn’t he great?

Before feeding number 11.

We are getting really close now.  Can you almost smell all the goodies you’re going to be making?  And just to whet your appitite, today I was experimenting with a sourdough soft pretzel recipe.  Unfortunately, it still needs some experimentation.  And I need some practice making pretzel shapes!  Maybe I’ll just make pretzel sticks next time.  Hopefully, I’ll have it fixed by next week and  I will share it with you then.

Beowulf and I will be back tomorrow.