Directionless in Dallas

            I am what my family affectionately describes as “directionally challenged”.  I was born with a complete and utter lack of a sense of direction.  As far as I am concerned, north is whatever direction I happen to be facing at the time.  I have an unshakable belief that it is hereditary, (my uncle suffers from the same affliction), no matter what my father says. 

            Regardless of the cause, because I suffer from this particular disability, I never drive anywhere without detailed instructions and maps from the internet.  Imagine my delight when, on a trip to Dallas with some girlfriends, I was introduced to GPS!  You tell it where you are and where you want to go and it figures out how to get you there!  What a delightful little magic box!

            It has a very nice voice that tells you where to turn, as opposed to the ones that typically come rudely from the back seat.  And if, for some entirely unavoidable reason, you should miss a turn, does the GPS have a conniption and cast disparaging remarks on your mental capacity?  No!  Does it whine about being dizzy?  No!  It very calmly tells you, “Recalculating route”.  That’s all, just “Recalculating route”.

            Wow!  No more guesswork, no more squinting to see microscopic street signs, no more driving around in circles because, “I’m sure it’s just down here!”  What freedom from maps that simply refuse to re-fold, shuffled MapQuest pages, and hand scribbled directions that have sudden become ancient Sanskrit.

            “Wouldn’t it be amazing,” I mused, “If my life’s journey had a GPS?  Something that would help me stay on the right track”.

            In a sense, those of us who know God, do have a GPS for our life’s journey.  Holy Spirit knows where we are supposed to be going and exactly how to get us there.  The Bible tells us in Isaiah 30:21, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it’.”  All we have to do is listen for His voice.

            Unfortunately, most of us put more trust in a magic GPS box than we do in God.  Why is that I wonder?  Perhaps it’s because the “still, small voice” gets drowned out by the busyness of our lives.  Perhaps it’s because we don’t recognize the voice as His.  Perhaps it’s because He wants to take us off the beaten path.  Whatever the reason, we all take many unplanned detours in our life’s journeys.

            The beautiful thing is that as soon as we realize we’ve missed a turn, we can stop and turn around and ask God to show us the right path again.  And without recriminations, Holy Spirit simply tells us, “Recalculating route”.