The Master’s Stamp

Interior Design is one of my passions.  I get such joy from being invited into a room, often haphazard and accidental, and being allowed to turn it into something beautiful.  I also enjoy watching design shows on TV.  Among my favorites are the ones where the designers go into people’s attics and basements and storage areas and find things that have been tucked away because they didn’t quite “fit”.  They are dusted off and maybe given a new coat of paint.  The designer then takes all these seemingly unrelated objects and by carefully placing them in the perfect spot, creates a cohesive, intentional, and uniquely beautiful room.  If you watch the shows often enough, you will begin to see that most designers have a signature style; something that is common to all their designs, that puts their “stamp” on it.

In many ways, Father is the Master Designer.  After all, He designed heaven and earth and all the galaxies.  He designed all of nature in its vast, diverse array of shapes and colors and textures.  And He designed each one of us.  What joy it must bring Him when we invite Him into our lives and allow Him to create something beautiful!  We are not called to be a copy of someone else’s life.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made; knit together in our mothers’ wombs to be unique and beautiful!

My prayer for you today is that you will invite Father into your life as Master Designer, however haphazard and accidental it may appear to be.  That you will bring out all the gifts and talents and dreams that He gave you, but that you’ve kept tucked away because they didn’t quite “fit” who or what you thought you should be.  Dust them off.  Maybe give them a fresh coat of paint.  And surrender them to God.  Then watch as He takes all of those seemingly unrelated things and puts them exactly where He created them to be, and turns your life into a cohesive, intentional and uniquely beautiful thing.

And when people meet you, they’ll know God was your designer.  Because He left his stamp on you.

Who Wants to be Normal, Anyway?

            My sister posted some thoughts on her blog this week about discovering how different she is.  It was a great post!  With her permission, I am sharing the link here.  It got me thinking about what “normal” is.  As I thought about it, I became so grateful that I too am different, that I wrote a thank you letter to God.  I thought I would share that with all of you today.


            Thank you that I am not “normal”.  Thank you that I don’t fit in with the rest of the world.  Thank you that I am beginning to revel in my differentness and embrace my uniqueness instead of seeing them as flaws.  Thank you for telling me that I’m supposed to be unique, that you created me to be unique and not a copy of someone else.  Thank you for the gifts and talents and passions that you placed in my heart and soul.  A different combination of gifts and talents and passions from anyone else who has ever been or ever will be.  Thank you that I don’t have to conform to the expectations of others who are offended by my uniqueness.  I don’t even have to conform to my expectations of me that come from any source other than You.  Thank you that You created me with a unique purpose and a unique destiny that only I can fulfill.  Your Word says that You know the plans You have for me, and those plans are different from everyone else’s.  Thank you that I am finally able to begin to slough off the person that everyone else thinks I should be and discover the person that You created me to be.

            Uniquely yours, a grateful daughter.

            I am on a journey of discovery to unearth the real me and I am finding that there is such freedom in allowing myself to just be me.  Just like an archeologist uncovering an ancient city, the debris of many years of  faulty expectations and misguided conformity has to go one layer at a time.  But I am confident that soon I will be able to declare as Popeye did so succinctly so many years ago, “I yam what I yam!”